January 2, 2018


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My name is Darel Long and I’m a diabetic.  Darel's Health is presented from the common awkward moments many feel when discussing their own personal health among a small group of friends, much less strangers across the internet.


Personally, my own major medical issues began once I was diagnosed as a diabetic. Since being diagnosed as a diabetic, I could have never imagined the difficulties, setbacks, and the personal challenges diabetic health would present. Not only has my health been affected, but also my financial standing. At times, the very basic functionality with daily life from high sugar levels has been overwhelmingly challenging.


As I have painfully learned, living with diabetes is an hourly focus to improve and limit the deadly diabetic complications. Some of these can result in poor reasoning skills, slow communication, effects with any and all major organs, amputation and possible death. There isn’t a vacation from this disease. It’s there, moment by moment, never to be forgotten.


At one time my weight was 272 pounds and my blood sugar was out of control. Thankfully, as of December 30, 2017, the scales hit 205. Late this past fall, a real scare with a possible toe amputation became a wakeup call. When our doctors conclude we are diabetics, we must begin exercising, eat a proper diet, and ample rest must occur.


The effects of diabetes can be deadly and is a reckoning to anyone who is diagnosed as a diabetic.


Perhaps the groups hit the hardest for being diagnosed with diabetes are the poor, the homeless, and those who separate themselves from life with social or mental issues. Many will claim, with access to the affordable care act, anyone can obtain the proper care and treatment to manage diabetes. The answer to this is resoundingly false.


The historical facts I've personally endured as a diabetic would include endless visits to the Emergency Room, Ketoacidosis, Diabetic Coma, endless admissions in many hospitals, and most recently, I narrowly avoided a partial toe amputation.


The purpose of Darel's Health is to provide a timeline of actual dates of my diabetic and medical issues starting with diagnosis to all hospitalizations from recent to the beginning. I will provide a timeline for both in and out of state, and overseas.


Like many diabetics who receive constant medical care and without proper medical insurance, the medical debts turn into medical collections and some are forced into medical bankruptcy or other forms of bankruptcy to escape the overwhelming debt.


I launched the site for several reasons, and a few of those reasons are to provide provide a timeline of medical events, and a resource for medical collectors to contact me via email.


If you are a medical collection source seeking to connect with me, please use the contact form provided at the bottom of this site and send information about your claim. I will review email each Tuesday afternoon by 8:00 p.m., EST, and will answer accordingly within 7 working days.


On January 15, 2018, a pass through will be submitted to settle medical debt. The proposed pass through, Darel’s Health L.L.C., will be used to settle only medical debt. Consideration will be given with any and all medical debts, without medical bankruptcy or other forms of bankruptcy, for satisfaction of all medical debt in exchange to vacate medical collections.


Between December 15- 27, 2017, over 15 requests for ER visits and hospitalizations were mailed to hospitals seeking dates to support the listed medical timeline below. Today, I begin with the most recent medical events. Hopefully, my efforts to share information and payoff medical debt will inspire your best to take control of your own health and to figure out a way to pay off your own medical debts.


While my medical debts are important to settle, settlement of debt first begins with public and/or private debt. Most will be settled early 2018, others will be settled by March 26, 2018. Regardless, all medical debt can settle between Oct 1-5, 2018.


All medical debt will settle through various settlement lawyers who are proficient with medical debt. The lawyers who settle medical debt only, are located in Richmond and Norfolk, VA. My offer for medical settlement shall remain mostly private. However, I will need the hospitals to provide information: this starts with the hospital’s cash price during prior admittance and their willingness for vacated public record.

I wish all people personally impacted from diabetes, and their families, to be encouraged and educated for a hope as a better life ahead.


You may visit my personal site to keep informed with various ventures, and efforts to help others by visiting: Darel Long.

Medical Timeline

Medical Timeline currently represents a small portion of data. The below timeline will expand upon receipt of medical data: Updated January 8, 2018


I believe tragedy oftentimes inspires our best efforts and helps promote awareness in dark times. There are countless stories of others who overcame severe hardships and the single most important trait in all who overcame is they simply “Never give up.”


For some, seeing a timeline of endless medical setbacks may inspire you to overcome your own diabetic or other medical complication. As medical data is received, the data will be posted in chronological order.


The information listed below represents the most recent medical events to the oldest.


I should note an important fact: My health has improved far greater than it was even 3 years ago, and recent medical tests suggest my overall health is comparable to a man nearly15 years younger than my known age!


My medical timeline:



December 30, 2017: Emergency Room,diagnosed with pneumonia.


December 18, 2017: Emergency Room,diagnosed with extreme high sugar levels.


December 10, 2017: Emergency Room, diagnosed with diabetic issues.


November 3,2017: Emergency Room, Ortho


October 16, 2017: Emergency Room,Cardiology


October 5, 2017 - Oct 6,2017: Emergency Room and admitted to hospital through Oct 10, 2017. Diagnosed by Orthopedic, regarding major diabetic toe infection


October 3, 2017: Ortho


September 27, 2017: Emergency Room, Ortho-diabetic


September 27, 2017: Emergency Room, Ortho-diabetic


September 22, 2017: Emergency Room, Ortho-diabetic related Surgery


September 15, 2017: Emergency Room, Ortho-diabetic


May 2, 2017: Emergency Room: Diabetic


April 1, 2017: Oral Care


March 6, 2017: Oral Care



March 26, 2016: Emergency Room, Allergies


February 18, 2016: Emergency Room: Diabetic



December 11, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


October 4, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


July 23, 2015: Emergency Room: Uncertain data


June 6, 2015: Emergency Room: Low levels


June 10, 2015: Emergency Room: Uncertain data


June 8, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


May 31, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


May 23, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


May 22, 2015: Emergency Room: Oral care


April 27, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


February 25, 2015: Emergency Room: Diabetic


January 8, 2015: Emergency Room: Bronchitis



December 10, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


October 7, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


July 16, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


July 7, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


April 24, 2014: Emergency Room: Bronchitis


January 29, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


January 23, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


January 20, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


January 18, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic


January 13, 2014: Emergency Room: Diabetic



October 31, 2013: Emergency Room: Diabeti


September 11, 2013: Emergency Room: Bronchitis


September 5, 2013: Emergency Room: Neuropathy


August 30, 2013: Emergency Room: Diabetic


August 17, 2013: Emergency Room: Neuropathy


April 23, 2013: Emergency Room: Diabetic Ulcers


April 14, 2013: Emergency Room: Diabetic


February 23, 2013: Emergency Room: Diabetic




February 24, 2012-March 1, 2012: Emergency Room/admittance: Syncopal Episode


February 2, 2012: Emergency Room: Vomiting, vision black out


January 21-24, 2012: Emergency Room/admittance: Disoriented/ Seizure


January 10-13, 2012: Emergency Room/admittance: Disoriented/Seizure


January 4, 2012: Emergency Room: Syncopal Episode




December 23, 2011: Emergency Room: Ankle Fracture


November 25. 2011: Emergency Room: Diabetic


The above timeline will expand upon receipt of incoming medical data



Thank you for visiting Darel's Health. I decided to launch the site to inspire diabetic patients to take positive action and immediately address your own diabetic issues regarding exercise, eating habits, reducing any and all stress, and maintaining a healthy schedule, including proper sleep.


While the medical community basically classifies diabetics into two main groups, insurance companies typically are less likely to consider the further difficulties for diabetics who are extremely poor, or diabetics who are homeless.


The purpose of Darel's Health isn't to acknowledge the fragilities of the overall industry, but to focus on overcoming my own diabetic complications and telling how my own poverty got me deep in medial debt all of which has turnaround.


Darel’s Health will be established as Darel’s Health L.L.C and submitted as such, January 15, 2018, as a Virginia based LLC.


Income to settle medical debt will come from: West Indies Home Deals and Darel’s Deals


If you are seeking private and/or public debt repayment, please visit: Long Settlement


Income to payoff medical debt will come from opportunities from the West Indies. Prior to formation, and during and after formation, from West Indies Home Deal’s, medical settlement will be paid directly to the proposed LLC. It will then be paid directly to my own settlement lawyers for medical settlement. If you are seeking private and/or public non- medical debt you may contact me via Long Settlement. During the first quarter of 2018, Darel’s Deals another income stream will aid in debt settlement and will also fund direct to either Long Settlement for private and/or public debt or if medical debt is paid will be paid direct to Darel’s Health.


Lastly, any remaining medical debt will be paid off from Long Aeronautics between Oct 1-5, 2018.


In closing, please do exercise, improve your diet, obtain proper sleep, reduce all stress, love those who love you and forgive those who don’t.




Darel Long


Please complete the contact form regarding any medical debt and/or any health related topic only. Email replies are checked every Thursday’s before 8:00 pm and respond within 7 working days thereafter.

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